bible_hubPraise God! His Word is alive! provides a very good introduction to Bible Study and use of helps. Bible Hub has just about any kind of resource you could want for studying The Bible, including lexicons, dictionaries, maps and translations. There is even a Thesaurus, which is a very cool tool when you’re not sure what you’re looking for or it may be described differently in different passages.

Biblia also has many resources and translations to choose from.  BibleGateway has an easy to use topical search and passage lookup in many different versions which can be viewed side by side for comparison.  If English is not your native language, try  Here is a site with resources for Arab readers, including a version of The Bible in Arabic.

Eashoa' M'sheekha

‘Eashoa’ Msheekha’- The Anointed Life-Giver, The Name we know as Jesus Christ as written in His own language of Aramaic

Strong’s numbers allow you to reference more detailed information about a particular word in the KJV, and now there is a version in print for the NIV and the NASB, called ‘The Strongest’.

Word-study books for the Old and New Testaments go a step further without requiring study of the language itself.  Always remember that you should rely on The Holy Spirit to show you the correct interpretation of scripture, using man’s work as a tool only and testing interpretations for correctness.  The context found in the surrounding scripture should not be ignored.

infoScripture 4 All has online Interlinear Bibles in PDF format. Interlinear Bibles show how the original Hebrew and Greek scriptures read compared to english translation. When you are reading a webpage that contains a Hebrew or Greek word you can copy & paste it into‘s tool to convert it into english letters. The Society of Biblical Literature has a Greek New Testament available for download.

Also, for those that like learning how science and The Bible agree, try these:

The Veritas Forum

Apologetic Study Bible

Institute For Creation Science

Ask Kenny

Other Resources:

There is an Immerse homescreen widget available for download for anyone on Android who has the UCCW app.  The widget gives quick access to our homepage, Facebook and Submerge, but it’s links can be changed easily.  If you need help installing or using it, contact us.

Download a trifold pdf which succinctly describes the perspective of Jesus, who did not focus on earthly comfort but on life eternal.

Listen to audio on BibleGateway,, or with a hip-hop soundtrack on Steetlights.

Check out missional videos on and support Moving Works

Look at historical maps

Purchase books/materials or cool clothing

Download audiobooks

Find a Christian counselor or learn about abuse at

Read an ebook about pornography at The Resurgence or Sexual Detox

Check out unique music on Noisetrade

Find out in what area’s of the world Christians are experiencing persecution

Learn where there are people who have still not heard The Gospel on Joshua Project


Bible reading apps:

YouVersion works on most any device or platform, and has an app just for kidsE-reader bibles in EPUB format are available for Sony Reader, Nook, Kobo, iPad and other E-Reader devices.  If your device doesn’t use apps, you can still read the mobile version of Biblos.  Check out Solid Joys, a devotional app for Android and Apple.

If you know of some other great resources that should be listed here or want to learn more about how to use them, contact us.

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