Christmas All Year


We hope that you and your family always have a joyful Christmas!  Finding reasons to be joyful does a great service to the people around us and the good news of Jesus is better than any other story ever told.  It’s not just a cool story, though.  While it can be fun to pretend, imaginative stories are a poor substitute for The Truth.

We believe Jesus’ life should be celebrated every day because He is the greatest gift that has ever been given and nothing else can compare to receiving him.  In fact, at the end of 2 Corinthians 9, where The Bible talks about generosity, the last verse uses a word which is found nowhere else in The Bible.  ‘Indescribable’(NIV & NASB) is a word that was unknown before Paul improvises with it here- when he, a master of the Greek language is unable to express how wonderfull and marvelous the gift is!


Jesus’ whole life was miraculous but incredibly personal, changing the lives of not just Mary & Joseph, but all who would change their direction to follow Him throughout history.

Mary & Joseph arrived in Bethlehem along with everyone else who was returning for the mandatory census, so it was not as peaceful as we tend to imagine it.  Joseph tried desperately to find a suitable place for His wife to give birth, but was only able to find a livestock stall.  They were likely exhausted by the time they were able to sit down.

Arriving soon after was The One who went from limitless sovereign Creator of the entire universe, to becoming a tiny human embryo and being born into this world to be tempted just like we are.  To celebrate our Christ’s arrival, a great chorus of angels appeared singing praise for our reconciliation.

He remained ‘God with us’, holy and free of sin, and humbled himself enough to die for us all and become our perfect Savior and Prince Of Peace!  Now He has left the cross and been resurrected so that He can live in you, which is a far more important event than His death.  That should be lived every day by those who have been resurrected with Him into a new life of freedom and grace.  Sin and death have been overcome.  It’s unexplainable and yet undeniable.

So give your creator something He wants- You.  It’s not about dressing it all up and keeping traditions, but simple love shared everywhere, all the time, with all people.  Jesus asked us to give all, and hopefully our time and energy will be spent bringing good news of great joy.  After all, He is King of all and the tangible expression of that supremacy in our world is through us, His church.



The Truth of Jesus Christ must go everywhere, through every follower that has feet and loving people like He did.

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