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Immerse Church began with a handfull of people not unlike the disciples, who had a vision of doing church in the simplest, most real way possible. When you strip away all the traditions and elements that man has created to add to what The Bible’s first church consisted of, you find simple people with a simple purpose. We want to bring living water to those whose hearts have been hardened and dehydrated by culture and religion, and help people to finally get to know the real God- one who cannot fit into the minds of those he has created, but can identify and love every one!
What started as ‘The Toolshed’, and has met everywhere from a garage to a tractor shop, has continued to grow and move with whatever God’s plan required. We continue on this journey, imperfect people serving a limitless God!


Pastor: Danny Kyzer
Danny Kyzer is the pastor of Immerse Church. He has a passion to see people come into a closer relationship with Jesus Christ. He has a simple, applicable way of bringing people to an understanding of God’s word. Danny and his wife, Cindy have three boys and live on a small farm in Gilbert, SC. Contact Danny.


Children’s Director: Megan Chavis
Megan Chavis serves as Children’s Director. She has always had a love for children and a desire to see them grow to know and love God. She has a unique ability to draw children to Christ in a way that is meaningful to them. Megan is married to Steve and they have a son.  Contact Megan.


Worship Team: Justin, Zeke, Trey, Tim and Steve
At Immerse, our worship is focused on an audience of one- God. It is led by a group of men whose desire is to use modern music to express all of the love, praise and adoration our God deserves and stay continually submitted to Him in the use of their gifts. When you worship with us, it’s not a performance. It’s real!

There are many others at Immerse who have a passion to serve the living God. You can be a part of what God is doing here! Just come and see where God leads you!


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