Immerse Church

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Children’s Ministry

  Immersing children in God’s Word to create and encourage a strong, enduring relationship with Jesus Christ.     I-babies – Infants I-tots – Walkers Up To 4 Years Old At Immerse, we believe it’s never too early...

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It is not easy to determine how many poor or homeless people there are in the world, but it is certainly too many. The estimates are staggering, especially when you consider that a huge number of...

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Christmas All Year

We hope that you and your family always have a joyful Christmas!  Finding reasons to be joyful does a great service to the people around us and the good news of Jesus is better than any...



What is reality?  Is something real because I say it is or must there be a general consensus?  Must it be measurable or provable through science or reasoning?  More importantly, do we bend or mold our...

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